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Reports for Government

This refers to providing the required information to various governments accurately and by prescribed deadlines. For businesses, it generates two needs, filing the information and defending its accuracy if questioned through an audit or a review. If decisions of audit or review are not acceptable to tax payors, they can appeal the decisions. The scope of reviews is not as broad as that of audits.

To meet the filing requirements of governments, we prepare all necessary returns including the following. We also prepare the necessary documents to support the returns, e.g. T4s, T5s and financial statements.

  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Investment Income Returns
  • Annual Payroll Returns
  • GST Returns
  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • Monthly Payroll Returns
  • RST Returns

In doing the compliance work, we also ensure that the best possible audit trails are set up at affordable cost to tax payors. The damage caused by no or little audit trails is often not immediate and hence not realized. We are very conscious of audit trails at all times while designing your accounting system, recording your transactions or preparing your returns. If a tax saving we claim for you is crucial or unclear, we search for credible literature to support the claim. We then save this printed material as a part of audit trails, because this published material would be most useful in defending you in an audit or an appeal that may come your way sometimes.

Tax planning does not usually come to you in the form of a document from your accountant. Instead, tax saving plans developed for your needs are implemented through proper presentation on returns. We ensure that all possible tax savings possible for clients are availed in preparing these returns.

We also defend tax payors by presenting their case properly in reviews, audits and appeals. Besides tax assessments, tax payors are sometimes assessed substantial penalties and interest. We can get these reduced or eliminated by presenting your case effectively to appropriate fairness committees.

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